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Digital Lifestyle Network

Access music, games, easy payments and fast connectivity

Econet's Digital Lifestyle Network: Live the difference – We have more fun and convenience. Everything in the palm of your hands!

Live the difference with Econet Wireless Your Digital Lifestyle Network. Enjoy more fun and convenience with everything right in the palm of your hands. Stream videos, transact, socialise, enjoy games and stay entertained anywhere, anytime!

How to Get Connected to Econet Broadband

SMS “SETTINGS” to 111 or SMS “INTERNET” to 222 and have the broadband settings delivered to your handset. 

Get data settings for your device and start enjoying fast internet speeds here!

Need help? Call 111 - the Broadband Helpline.

How to Buy Data 

Buy data for your smartphone today!  Convert your airtime or buy bundles via EcoCash. Find out more here.  

How Get the Most Out of Your Data

Make your data last longer with these easy data savings tips! 

  1. Autoplay - Stop video content automatically playing on sites
    • iPhone: Within the app tap on More > Account Settings > Videos and Photos > Auto-play on Wi-Fi only
    • Android: Within the app go to App Settings > Autoplay > Wi-Fi only
    • Twitter: Within the app go to Settings > Data > Video Autoplay > Wi-Fi Only
  2. Wi-Fi Assist - Wi-Fi Assist is a feature in iOS that automatically switches you from Wi-Fi to cellular data if that connection is stronger. Wi-Fi Assist is automatically turned on. To turn Wi-Fi Assist off go to Settings > Mobile > Wi-Fi assist
  3. Data Roaming – Turn off data roaming when overseas.
    • iPhones: Settings > General > Network > Data Roaming
    • Android: Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Data Roaming
  4. Software Updates – Turn off automatic software updates. 
  5. Back Up – Sync your devices and back up your images while on Wi-Fi only.
  6. Manage Your Emails - Delete unsent emails because your provider will keep trying to resend them. 
  7. Browser - Use a browser that offers a built-in data compression feature like Google Chrome or Opera Mini.

How to recharge



  1. Dial *151#
  2. Enter pin
  3. Select Airtime and Bundles option.
  4. Select Option 1 (my number) 2 (other).
  5. Enter amount.
  6. Enter Option 1 to Confirm.


  1. Open app
  2. Select airtime tab
  3. Select recharge item (airtime, bundle or airtime credit).
  4. Select number to be recharges (self or other)
  5. Enter pin.
  6. Submit.


  1. Dial *143#
  2. Select Bouquet or Bundle Option.
  3. Choose a Bouquet 
  4. Select Option 1 (my number) 2 (other).
  5. Confirm
  6. Select either Airtime, Ecocash or Other


  1. Go to
  2. Select Econet.
  3. Select amount.
  4. Select Ecocash as payment mode.
  5. Enter your number.
  6. You will receive a message to confirm transaction.


  1. Dial *905#
  2. Choose option 1 Gift airtime or option 2 Purchase airtime for yourself
  3. Follow prompts to complete airtime purchase

Option 2: Web Based Recharge

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the Convenience Store Tab
  3. Select the Airtime Tab
  4. Choose option 1 Gift airtime or option 2 Purchase airtime for yourself
  5. Enter the Mobile number you are purchasing airtime for, the amount and Ecocash Paying number
  6. Click continue to recharge and confirm transaction on the Pop Up that flashes on your phone.


  1. Open App
  2. Login
  3. Go on to the Pay Tab
  4. Choose the Airtime & Bundles option
  5. Enter the mobile number you want to recharge 
  6. Select the amount you wish to recharge
  7. Confirm Purchase
  8. Follow prompts to enter your Ecocash Pin & confirm the transaction.