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Buddie Beatz

Express yourself to your callers with Buddie Beatz, an exciting caller ring back tone service that is entertaining, fun, and personalised.

What are the benefits of Buddie Beatz?

The introduction of this platform by Econet Zimbabwe is in line with global music trends which has seen a shift from owning music to accessing music anytime. This has been possible due to the improvements in digital technology, increase in mobile data penetration and adoption of smartphones. The platform allows artist to monetize their music content and reduce piracy.

How to subscribe to Buddie Beatz

How to access the Buddie Beatz music App customer:

  1. Go To Google Play Store or App Store
  2. Search for Buddie Beatz Music App
  3. Download The App
  4. Register/Sign In using your number and wait for One Time Pin (OTP) from Econet
  5. Customer is now able to browse through various music content categories, artist, genres.