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Airtime Credit

The Airtime Credit Service allows Buddie subscribers to request for airtime on credit at any time of the day.

How to get airtime on credit

  1. Dial *179#
    Allows a subscriber to borrow airtime which will be redeemed by the service provider as soon as the subscriber recharges his/her account.

How to qualify for the Airtime Credit Service

Subscriber must be active on the Econet network for at least 3 months. The more airtime you use, the more credit you qualify to receive!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Airtime credit services are to be availed to active Econet prepaid subscribers.
  2. Airtime credit services enable qualifying mobile subscribers to have access to airtime credit at any time of the day.
  3. Subscriber is only eligible for one credit at a time, which is to be recovered on their next airtime top-up.
  4. Airtime credit advanced to subscribers is to attract a fixed transactional fee which is to be added as part of the airtime owed and to be recovered on subscriber next airtime top-up.
  5. Value of credit airtime advanced is calculated as follows:
    Credit airtime advanced + fixed transactional charge 
  6. Qualification criteria for airtime credit services is based on calculated subscriber score which is derived from:
    • Subscriber subscription status (active)
    • Subscriber previous behavioural top-ups
  7. After airtime has been credited, the customer must be able to originate all out-of-bundle service events which include:
    • SMS – Short Message Services
    • Voice
    • Data
  8. Credited airtime balance may be used for off-net, on-net and international destinations.
  9. Subscribers can access airtime credit services as many times as they wish for as long as they have repaid previous airtime advances.
  10. All credit airtime repayments are to be done through airtime recharging as a priority.