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Yamurai centre

Introducing YAMURAI - the Web - Chatbot!


Meet YAMURAI or simply YAMU, as we affectionately call her.

YAMU is our virtual assistant, she understands business language and can manage one-on-one engagements with customers to solve some of your most common requests and service-related queries.

YAMU is still fairly new so she will appreciate you reaching out to her and testing how best she can help.

YAMU gets smarter with each conversation, and by simply talking to her, you will help her improve.

So go on, engage her to test her fast thought processes when she assists you with first contact resolution and any related useful information when you raise your enquiry.

Ask YAMURAI to help you with…

  • PIN Reset
  • Failed ZESA token purchase
  • Deleted ZESA token message
  • Get your PUK number
  • Data Settings
  • Connectivity Complaints
  • Roaming activation/ de-activation
  • Airtime reversals

…and MORE!

To chat with YAMURAI visit