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YoPlay is a digital mobile gaming platform with over 2000 games

YoPlay is a digital mobile gaming platform with over 2000 games. The platform is accessible to android users for now. User can subscribe this service via website ( or SMS. After service subscription, user can download all the games belonging to his/her package to his android smartphone and enjoy interesting games at a rental fee.

The subscription service is available under the following packages:

  • Gold daily
  • Gold weekly
  • Silver daily
  • Silver weekly

Once you are subscribed to YoPlay, ensure you also have Mobile Data to download games or WIFI.

Customer Benefits

YoPlay offers over 2000 mobile games which you can’t find on playstore and other game store. The platform is advertisement free which offer best playing experience. In YoPlay, user can pay the subscription fee using airtime which is very convenient for Zimbabwe game lovers. In-application payments for life points in the game or purchase missions are also done using local currency.

How do you subscribe? 

User can access YoPlay app by SMS keyword “1/2/3/4" to 756 or Click url 

  1. Visit from your mobile.
  2. Click the YoPlay Banner at the bottom of the mobile web page
  3. Click ok to accept the apk file
  4. Click Install
  5. Accept the User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions: