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YoMix is a digital flexible value package that empowers Econet customers to design customised bundles of voice, data and SMS and other content services.

What is YoMix? 

YoMix is a digital flexible value package that empowers Econet customers to design customised bundles of voice, data and SMS and other content services. It also has other value added service that suit customer needs like recharge, airtime transfer, overscratched etc. Customers can access YoMix via USSD or using a mobile App which is accessible through Google Playstore or App Store.

What are the Customer Benefits?

YoMix addresses the issue of choice, convenience and the efficient use of value by the customer. It is a one stop shop for the customers to buy everything they need according to their preference thereby bringing flexibility. Other services within the YoMix mobile App include gaming and entertainment services. YoMix also has a gifting functionality where customers can share personalised bundles with their loved ones. The USSD channel was designed for customer with feature phones that do not have internet access.

How do you subscribe? 

Customers can access the services either via USSD or mobile App.To access via the mobile App, customer has to follow the following simple steps:

  1. Go To Google Play Store or App Store
  2. Search for YoMix
  3. Download The App
  4. Register/Sign In using your number and wait for the pin from Econet
  5. After gaining access navigate within the app and start mixing bundles of your choice or access additional value added services within the App.

To access the service via USSD, the customer has to simply dial *142#.

Terms and conditions

  1. This service is exclusive to all registered prepaid Econet customers. Registered customers will be able to access the service from a web interface, mobile application as well as USSD.
  2. Registered prepaid customers will be required to log-in to access the service on the mobile application or web interface. Unregistered customers will thus not be able access the service.
  3. Customers will be able to select bundle validity from 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days and 30 days options. The customer will then create a bundle of their choice by using sliders on the app or web to determine the amount of Voice minutes, Data or SMS, valid for the duration of the validity option selected.
  4. Customers will be able to create fully dynamic packages. Customers will have the flexibility of choosing any amount they want on Voice, Data and SMS services, so each package created on the platform will be fully unique to the customer.
  5. Customers will also be able to enjoy special discounts on either Voice, Data or SMS services when creating their bundles. Discounts will be based on customers historic spend on Voice, Data & SMS and the business rules on discounts may be changed from time to time. 
    • Special discounts will be applied differently for the three services (Voice, Data and SMS). The discounts are applied on the effective tariff of each service and some customers will have much higher discounts than others, all based on their historic spend.
  6. Customers will be able to enjoy on average an effective tariff of 12.6c on voice, 0.0128c on data and 0.006c on SMS. 
  7. Voice minutes purchased using the service, that are discounted will be exclusively on-net (Econet to Econet).
  8. Customers will be able to purchase their customised bundles using their Main Account airtime & EcoCash balances only.
  9. Customers will be able to create a customised bundle for another eligible customer.
  10. Customers who are not eligible and those eligible but do not wish to use the service will be able to enjoy the normal approved packages at the normal rates.
  11. Unused packages on Voice, SMS & Data will be cleared upon expiry. Customers are thus encouraged to use their packages within the expiry period defined. 
  12. Customers can access help on the following platforms: Econet Shops, Call Centre 111 and the Econet Website)