eTXTThe popular eTXT service allows Buddies to chat on the internet, even if they do not have an internet connection or a smart phone.

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A. What is eTXT?
eTXT is a service powered by Econetmail that enables any subscriber to send & receive email & chat messages via any standard SMS capable mobile phone without being connected to the Internet. It turns first generation handsets into virtual smartphones.

B. What are the major features & benefits of eTXT?

  • eTXT converts social network updates, email & chat messages into SMS format and vice versa.
  • eTXT is a low cost method of establishing 2 way email & online chat communications with business & personal associates.
  • It bypases the need for Internet access and does not require subscriptions, smartphones, Java downloads or data connections.
  • eTXT enables you to social network and stay in touch with each other.
  • eTXT bridges the rural urban digital divide.
  • eTXT incorporates popular & chat message services such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, Windows Live & G Talk such that users can send & receive messages & invitations globally.

C. How much does the eTXT service cost?

  • eTXT services are within the reach of every subscriber as it only cost 30c per week and $1 per month to send emails and chat messages.

D.    How does one activate eTXT?

  1. Save the eTXT Setup Number to your phone
    Save 30000 as “eTXT setup” (for example) in your mobile phonebook.
  2. Register for eTXT
    To do this send the command REGISTER followed by a space and then your name to eTXT setup number.

Example: Register Simon
NOTE: If a name has already been taken you will be prompted to select another

Expected result: 
You will receive an SMS message confirming your registration.
“CONGRATULATIONS! You are now registered to use eTXT. Your new email and chat address is Save 30000 as the eTXT setup number in your phonebook. For details on how to add contacts, send emails and chat messages, or other questions, please SMS the word HELP to 30000”