EconetMailWith EconetMail, every single Buddie customer who is an active broadband user can use their mobile number as an email address. The email address is free, and has seen many people that previously had no email addresses going on-line. For example, if their number is 0772999999 their email address becomes:

1. What is Econet Mail?
Econet Mail is an email platform for our broadband customers. We are offering a free email address linked to a customer’s cell phone number, where the cell number becomes their email username. For example, if their number is 0772999999 their email address becomes:

2. How does one activate Econet Mail?
All active broadband subscribers are eligible for this service and their personal log-in details will be sent to them via SMS to help them to safely log-in to To activate dial *155# and receive a confirmation message with your password and the Econetmail URL to start connecting with your Buddies.

3. How much does Econet Mail cost?
The email address is free. However, broadband customers will have to buy a data bundle for them to send and receive emails.

4. What are the major benefits of Econet Mail?

  • Fast access to your email
  • A unique and personalised email address
  • A customised email address that is simple and easily accessible to friends, relatives and business associates
  • The Econetmail email address is absolutely free.

5. Where does one direct queries?

  • For any queries, our customers can send an email to or call our customer service agents.

NB***this service is applicable to active Econet Broadband subscribers only.