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Voice Mail

Never miss a message with our Voicemail service!

Never miss a message with our Voicemail service! Callers can leave you a message when your phone is off or you are unable to answer. Their call will be automatically routed to your personal answering machine. 

How to Activate Voicemail 

  1. Go to call/phone settings, select divert option of your choice e.g. “divert if busy or unanswered”
  2. Enter the voicemail number 122, this is where all your unanswered calls will be diverted to.

How to Subscribe for Voicemail 

  1. Dial *140#
  2. Select Option 5: Missed Call Alert and Voicemail Service
  3. Select Option 3: Activate Voicemail Service

Alternatively, press **62*122#

How to Divert Calls to Voicemail 

  1. All calls: **21*122# then dial
  2. When busy: **67*122# then dial
  3. Unanswered: **61*122# then dial
  4. Not reachable: **62*122# then dial
  5. To cancel all diverts: ##002# then dial

How to Retrieve Voicemail

  1. Dial 122
  2. Enter default password 321

How to Change Your Voicemail Password 

  1. Dial 122 and enter old password then #
  2. Select Option 5
  3. Select Option 3 and enter new password twice

How to Set Up Your Own Personal Greeting 

  1. Dial 122 and enter voicemail password
  2. Select Option 5: 
  3. Select Option 1:  Set your greeting
  4. Select Option 2: Record a personal greeting
  5. Select Option 1: you will be prompted to record your greeting and then press #

How Voicemail Works 

  • A maximum of 10 voice messages can be deposited in your voicemail box.
  • When the mailbox is full, old messages are overwritten by the new ones.
  • All unheard voicemail messages are kept in the system for 5 days and all heard voicemail messages are kept in the system for 3 days.
  • Callers that leave voice messages will be charged the normal voice tariff and you will not be charged for retrieving your voice messages.