Econet Wi-Fi Zone

Experience the first innovation of its kind in Zimbabwe & the region. Enjoy fast internet speeds with Econet Wi-Fi Zone.

Customers on Econet Broadband can now move from their normal data connection to an Econet Wi-Fi Zone connection while paying normal data rates via their mobile devices. All Econet Broadband subscribers with a Wi-Fi enabled device can access the service in an area where there is an Econet Wi-Fi Zone.

How to connect to Econet Wi-Fi Zone

There are 2 ways easy ways to connect to Econet Wi-Fi Zone

1. Econet Wi-Fi Zone

  1. Turn on your Wi-Fi, select Econet Wi-Fi Zone
  2. Open your browser, enter your mobile number, and select “Get Password” (You will receive the password via SMS, use this to log in)
  3. Enter the password sent to your phone and you are good to go

Your password is valid for 6 hours, as long as you are in the same Econet Wi-Fi Zone. If you move to a different Econet Wi-Fi Zone you will need to request a new password.
Connect to an Econet Wi-Fi Zone today.

2. Econet Wi-Fi Zone Secure 

With Econet Wi-Fi Zone Secure subscribers connect based on the operating system that their phone uses.

2.1 iOS

To connect to Econet Wi-Fi Zone Secure on iOS;

  1. Click http://www.econet.co.zw/apple/econet_secure2.mobileconfig to install
  2. Restart your phone
  3. Turn on your Wi-Fi
  4. Select Econet Wi-Fi Zone Secure and you are good to go

The beauty about this method is that after a simple once-off installation whenever you are within Econet Wi-Fi Zone Secure range you will seamlessly connect.

2.2 Android

To connect to Econet Wi-Fi Zone Secure on Android:

  1. Under EAP Method select SIM and you are good to go

EAP Method: select SIM

How much do I get charged when I use Econet Wi-Fi Zone?

You can either browse out of bundle or in bundle using your normal data bundles. You will get up to 640MB free data on the bigger bundles and be charged discounted rates of up to 25% when you browse the internet using Econet Wi-Fi Zone.

Out of Bundle


Size (MBs)

Discounted Tariff ($)























Locate an Econet Wi-Fi Zone near you on the map below or download the Econet Wi-Fi Zone app from your App store or Playstore.