Econet Broadband

Econet Broadband

Connect to faster, more reliable and affordable internet service, connect to Econet Broadband and discover endless possibilities. Econet Broadband allows the average Zimbabwean instant access to quick and reliable data. For a child it means access to education, for a doctor it means first-class, sophisticated practice, a student can enjoy long distance learning. You and your friends will never miss a moment anywhere in the world.

To ensure the different needs of every Zimbabwean are met, Econet Broadband provides three different packages, ON THE GO, @HOME and @ WORK.

Allows you access to mobile broadband on your handheld device or laptop. ON THE GO is broadband connectivity that’s available anytime and anywhere. This service is powered by GPRS, EDGE or UMTS technologies depending on your location and access device.

Is a WiMAX based service that offers you fast, reliable internet access in your home. This service is also suitable for small businesses that require dependable high speed data access.

Econet Broadband is a WiMAX based service that offers you fast reliable Internet access that caters for businesses of all sizes.

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