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South Africa-based diasporas can buy Econet airtime via 263 Toppa

22 September 2023

Zimbabweans living in South Africa have been given a platform to buy Econet airtime for their family and friends back home through an innovative service called 263 Toppa.

The new international airtime transfer service, which was recently launched by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, allows an estimated 1 million Zimbabweans working and living in South Africa to top up their family and friend's Econet prepaid accounts.

“We are thrilled to be the first telecommunications company in Zimbabwe to offer this important service to our customers living abroad, who require a quick, low-cost, convenient and direct way of sending airtime to loved ones back home,” said an Econet spokesman.

Zimbabweans living abroad have become a powerful economic force back home, sending remittances averaging US$1 billion per annum in the last three years, according to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. The funds help to alleviate poverty among families as well as power significant social and economic development across the country.

To buy 263 Toppa airtime, Zimbabweans living in South Africa simply need to visit shops and retail outlets, such as Shoprite supermarkets, Checkers supermarkets, Usave supermarkets, Flash agents, Hello paisa kiosks, Kazang outlets, and other selected airtime vendors to purchase the airtime.

Once in-store, they provide the Econet mobile phone number they want to top up, including the international country code. They are then prompted to select the amount of airtime in Rand value that they would like to send.

The transaction is processed in real-time through a secure platform, and the airtime top-up will reflect immediately on the selected mobile phone, without the need for a voucher or PIN.

To use the airtime, the receiver dials *143#, used to access Smart USD bundles for Data, Voice, or SMS. The international airtime can also be purchased via Ding. The international airtime transfer service, which will soon be extended to other countries, also makes it easy for Zimbabweans to recharge their prepaid mobile phones while roaming.

“With 263 Toppa, we continue on our tradition of delivering relevant innovative services and products that meet the needs of our customers and that create convenience,” the Econet spokesman said.