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Lucky winners walk away with residential stands, solar systems

29 July 2022

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has given away eight residential stands and eight 2kV solar systems to the lucky winners of its Christmas Promotion, which started in December last year and ended in March.

The 16 winners of the “IKhisimusi Sifikile, Kisimusi Yatosvika” Christmas Promotion received their prizes at a colourful ceremony in Harare last week.

Earlier on hundreds of other winners also benefited from their participation in the $80 million promotion, with some walking away with television sets, smartphones, laptops and four-plate gas stoves, among other prizes that would be given away at fortnightly draws.

Econet chief operating officer Kezito Makuni paid tribute to the listed company’s customers for their loyalty to the firm over the last 24 years.

“When we look at where we are today, and how far we have come, what stands out is not just the number of people connected . . . We see the multiplier effect that connectivity services can have on the social and economic ecosystem,” he said.

Mr Makuni said research had revealed that a 10 percent increase in mobile phone adoption increased gross domestic product (GDP) by 0.5 percent.

“We have also found that mobile phones’ baseline economic impact increases by about 15 percent when connections are upgraded to 3G. For connections upgrading from 2G to 4G, the economic impact of mobile increases by approximately 25 percent,” he said, adding that he was optimistic about what the future had in store for Zimbabwe’s digital economy.

Mr Makuni said Econet will continue to roll out life-changing products and services, including those that ride on superfast 5G technology, to enhance customers’ lives.

The winners of the eight residential stands are: Emmanuel Zvada, Crispen Kaipa, Jonah Liberty Muchayi, Sarudzayi Chayambuka, Givemore Mandizha, Tungamirai Kwashirai, Francis Kudzaishe Mambanje and Tarubuda Makuvaza. The stands, worth a total of over US$108 000 ($43.2 million), are all located in Harare.

The winners of the solar systems, worth a combined US$47 300 are Shadreck Chiwanza, Nomore Marota, Magdalene Mushanawani, Albertina Ruvimbo Chopera, Tinotenda Tsingano, Goriath Kahlulani, Mtshumaeli Siziba and Tinashe Nyamanhindi.

One of the winners of the stands, Sarudzayi Chayambuka from Mutoko, said she was ecstatic after getting title deeds of her own residential stand in Harare. “I want to thank Econet for making me a house owner in Harare. Never, in my wildest dreams, did I ever think I would own a stand in Harare. I am grateful and my heart is full,” she said at the prize-giving ceremony.

To qualify for the grand draw, customers were required to recharge their phones with at least $250 per week during the period of the promotional. The more a customer recharged, the higher they pushed their chances of winning.