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Econet Wireless and Ericsson partner for Learning Services digital platform

18 August 2021

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe (Econet) and Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) have announced a partnership to implement Ericsson’s Learning Services Digital Platform for Econet’s employees. Econet will have access to Ericsson’s premium e-learning content service, All Access Plus.

The partnership with Ericsson enables Econet to utilize the Learning Services Digital Platform ensuring unlimited and uninterrupted access to Ericsson’s e-learning content available in the global Ericsson training library.

As a knowledge library, All Access Plus is updated regularly and includes more than 200 interactive trainings and videos, podcasts and white papers.

This partnership gives Econet a premium subscription service that offers employees an instructor-led learning experience via e-lectures and recorded multi-hour learnings that guide the employees on Ericsson’s best-in-class technology with the aid of practical exercises and demonstrations.

Kezito Makuni, Chief Operating Officer at Econet said: “The long-standing partnership between Ericsson and Econet is witnessing growth into new areas.

With new hybrid and remote working conditions, finding solutions to continue our growth in a highly mobile environment is vital.

Ericsson’s innovative Learning Services Digital Platform will benefit and add value to Econet’s employees. Econet employees will gain knowledge and develop their skills by accessing updated, relevant content anywhere at any time.”

Econet’s employees can achieve their competence development goals using the platform at their own pace, anytime and anywhere, with the ability to review the materials as desired, due to the round-the-clock availability of this service.

Additionally, this platform will address Econet’s transforming needs during this time of fast technological growth and change.