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Sasai introduces local languages

06 March 2020

The Chronicle 

Econet sister company, Cassava Fintech International’s Sasai app, has introduced IsiNdebele and Shona on its menu of over 50 African languages and close to 80 languages across the globe, which has so far been downloaded in 178 countries.  

Sasai, a “super all-in-one” innovative mobile app from Cassava Fintech International (CFI), was launched in Zimbabwe last year in August and has pay, chat, remit, shop and explore features. The app’s language feature called “SasaiTranslate, includes IsiNdebele and Shona among dozens of other languages, and was announced at a press conference in Bulawayo yesterday.

Speaking to journalists, Sasai chief operating officer, Mr Tapera Mushoriwa, said since its launch, Sasai had been focusing on improving the app’s user experience, convenience and performance that is embedded within a social setting, through a facility that provides one-stop digital services. 

“We have been focusing on optimising the app and ensuring that it gives users the best and most convenient experience they can have in all the countries and markets they use the app,” he said. 

“We are excited to announce that Sasai’s complete suite of pay, chat and explore features and services can now be experienced in over 40 local African languages, and we are on target to have 50 languages by end of this month. This is what we mean when we say ‘Sasai speaks your language’.

As time goes on, the company executives said more local languages like Tonga, Kalanga, Sotho and Venda among others, would be integrated into the app system. Mr Mushoriwa said the drive behind Sasai was strongly rooted in the sense of being African and bringing solutions relevant to Africa’s diversity. As such, he said it was high time that all innovation and digital solutions must be inclusive and be modelled in a manner that appeals and make them user friendly to a diversity of African people.

For instance, Mr Mushoriwa said, through the “Sasai Explore” feature, a user can now select their home country, irrespective of where they are in the world and enjoy services from their home country via the Sasai app.

The innovative app was launched about six months ago and has rich features and services that go beyond those offered by apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram. “It is an all-in-one super app that offers payments, chat (instant messaging and social media) as well as an explore feature — all on one app,” said Mr Mushoriwa. 
He said Sasai’s pay option has mobile payments functionalities, which include mobile money payments, while the explore option features a vast digital market place, which allows users to shop on Amazon or eBay, do remittances, book a ride or a flight, download a movie or watch sport — and many other possibilities. 

Speaking at the same event general manager for Cassava International Remittances, Mr Shepherd Hondo, said Sasai’s international remittances had brought great relief to Zimbabweans living in the Diaspora wishing to remit funds home. “The coming on of Sasai international remittances has been well received by Zimbabweans across the globe and this is evidenced by the increase in remittance volumes we have seen coming in via Sasai,” said Mr Hondo.