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The Zimbabwe National Health Care Trust

16 February 2018

The Zimbabwe National Health Care Trust. In 2008, our social responsibility role took on a more direct and urgent role. Under our health and welfare programme, Econet provided financial and logistical support to teams of dedicated health workers that were involved in fighting the cholera epidemic that affected the country in 2008. We employed our wide airtime distribution network to spread awareness by printing anti-cholera messages on our recharge cards.

Our involvement in fighting the cholera crisis opened our eyes to the urgent need to make our intervention in health care more focused. Econet therefore established the Zimbabwe Health Care Trust in December 2008. The Trust’s immediate task was in the procurement of essential medicines and equipment needed for delivery of basic healthcare services, and in the provision of key support in the areas of communication.

Today, beyond only responding to crises, the Trust implements a more proactive and sustained strategy for the rehabilitation and long-term maintenance of Zimbabwe’s health sector. The Trust seeks to build and maintain capacity within the health sector, through training and reequipping our institutions.

For more information please visit Project Higher Life.