Why "all smiles"?

4G LTE is here! Now you can watch live TV, make video calls, stream music and movies and play games online, while on the move. Enjoy the latest and greatest broadband technology. Experience super fast 4G LTE on your mobile phone like never before!


Don't miss out on the Econet 4G LTE experience. Enjoy blazing-fast data speeds of up to 10 times faster than 3G! Now, you can browse, download, and share files at "4G-fast" speeds.

How to connect

It's really easy to get your 4G LTE up and running. Follow three simple steps and get connected today and start enjoying lightning fast connectivity. No new SIM card required!


Experience 4G LTE for yourself! Browse the genuine LTE enabled devices available from Econet shops and get a brand new device today and enjoy 4G LTE connectivity.

How fast is fast? Move the slider and keep an eye on the speedo.

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