EcoCash Products and Services

EcoCash Products and Services

Cash In
Deposit of money in subscribers’ mobile Wallets by agents. Cash in enables subscribers to add money to their mobile Wallets so they can perform financial transactions, such as sending money,purchasing goods and services, etc. READ MORE

Send money
Transfer of money from subscribers’ mobile Wallets to recipients within the national territory for domestic transactions or cross border recipients for international remittances. Recipients can be EcoCash registered subscribers or Non-EcoCash subscribers from either Econet or any other MNO. READ MORE

Merchant Services
Payment of purchases made at merchant shops by EcoCash registered subscribers’ mobile Wallet.    Merchants must be registered on EcoCash and obtain a merchant code which subscribers use to identify the beneficiary merchant. READ MORE

Virtual Debit Card Functionality
The service allows merchants and subscribers to enjoy the benefits of the traditional plastic card without the use of the physical card.  This occurs when a customer initiates a merchant payment for goods and services rendered and the merchant POS machines dispenses a merchant receipt for customer’s signature  similar to the one produced as confirmation of payment when using a plastic card.  The POS terminal will also produce a customer copy for the same transaction.  This is over and above an SMS confirmation that is received by the subscriber on their mobile phone.  The advantage to the merchant is that the POS terminal keeps an audit trail of all transactions carried out in a day and is able to confirm the cumulative sales at the press of a button. 

Banking services
Allow EcoCash subscribers to access their banking accounts 24 hours a day locally or internationally, provided they are roaming on their Econet line registered which is registered for EcoCash.  The subscriber’s bank must be integrated on EcoCash for its customers to access this service.   Subscribers need to request their banks to register them for EcoCash banking services.  There are four major services

    1. Bank to Wallet Services.  Allows subscribers to withdraw money from their bank account to fund their mobile wallets.
    2. Wallet to Bank Services. Enables subscribers to deposit mobile money from their wallet to their bank account.
    3. Mini statement.  Enables subscribers to view the latest three transactions performed on their bank account.
    4. Balance enquiry.  Enables subscribers to view their current bank account balances.


Payroll Services & Bulk Payments
Disbursement of employees’ salaries to their mobile Wallets by EcoCash registered employers.  Employees may/ may not be registered on EcoCash.  In case of non-subscribers, recipients will receive are a passcode via SMS from EcoCash, and they can claim their money by providing the passcode and proof of identity to cash out. READ MORE

Bill Payment Services 
Payment of subscribers’ utility bills, such as water or electricity bills by subscribers’ mobile Wallets.  Billers must be registered on EcoCash.   Utility bill payment takes place through subscribers’ mobile Wallets into the biller’s EcoCash identifier code. READ MORE

Airtime Purchases
Purchase of airtime by EcoCash subscribers using their mobileWallets.  Subscribers can purchase airtime for themselves or for other Econet subscribers. READ MORE

Cash Out
Withdrawal of money from subscribers’ mobile Wallets by agents.  Enables subscribers to convert a portion of their mobile Wallet money back to physical cash. READ MORE

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