EcoCash FAQ's

EcoCash FAQ's

Q How much money do I need to open an EcoCash Account
A Registration for EcoCash is FREE
Q Is a photocopy of my passport or ID sufficient to register, or do cash transactions at an Agent?
A No – we need to see your original ID or passport
Q Do I need to have a minimum amount in my account like some banks ask for?
A No. Your EcoCash account has no minimum balance; you fund your account in line with your requirements.
Q Do I need to pay any monthly service charges for having an EcoCash account?
A No, there is no monthly service charge. EcoCash charges you on a pay-as-you-go basis every time you do a transaction. You’re only charged for the transactions you have initiated.
Q I already have a bank account. Can I access it using EcoCash
A No. EcoCash is completely separate to any other account you may have.
Q Does ECOCASH work across networks?
A Only Econet customers can register for EcoCash. However the person you are sending money to needs to be an Econet customer even if they are not on EcoCash.
Q Why is it important to present my ID when I want to make an EcoCash Cash-in on my account?
A This is done for security reasons (to protect the customer) and to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing their money and hence abusing their account
Q Will my transactions be limited to the Agent store where I registered?
A No. You will be able to carry out transactions at any ECOCASH agency store and not limited to where you registered
Q How safe is my money?
A Your money is not resident on your SIM card but on your EcoCash account which no one can access without your PIN. Please do not disclose your PIN to anyone including family and friends
Q Can I use my Econet airtime to top up my EcoCash account

No. Your ECOCASH account is completely separate from your Econet airtime. You cannot buy ECOCASH value using airtime. 

However you can use your EcoCash value to buy Econet prepaid airtime for your own or another Econet subscriber’s phone. Econet subscribers do not need to be registered for EcoCash to receive airtime from you.

You can top up a minimum of $ 0.10 and maximum $ 100 per day for yourself or another Econet subscriber.

Q Can I top up a number that is not an Econet number?
A No. At present, you can only buy airtime for Econet numbers.
Q Is it possible to top up unregistered users?
A Yes, you can top-up any Econet pre-paid number using your EcoCash account but you cannot top-up any other network
Q Can I buy airtime through EcoCash if I am out of the country?
A Yes. As long as there is EcoCash value in your account and you have roaming on your line.
Q I already have a bank account. Can I access it using EcoCash

Yes. Although EcoCash is completely separate to any other account you may have, you can now link your mobile number to your current bank account.

This means that you will be able to access/transfer the funds in your bank account back and forth via your EcoCash account.

To do so, you will need to visit your bank and fill out the registration form to synchronize both accounts.

Q How do I link my bank account?

Visit your bank to complete & sign an Indemnity Form with the following information:

  • Full Name and surname
  • National ID
  • Mobile Number
  • Bank account number

Your information will have to be verified first before their registration can be complete.

A confirmation message will be sent to them once the registration has been completed successfully.

Q Will I be able to Link my EcoCash account to more than one bank account?
A You can link your EcoCash account to several banks but only one account per bank.
Q What do I do in case of a wrong transfer?
A Urgently contact the EcoCash customer care helpline 114 or email or visit the nearest Econet shop

Wrong transfers are reversible on the ECOCASH system, upon rigorous vetting of the sender and recipient and if the money has not yet been cashed or withdrawn. Please verify details before approving.

Q What happens if I do not get an SMS from EcoCash confirming the transaction?
A On occasion there may be a delay in receiving your SMS from EcoCash, call the customer service line 114 who will advise on the status of your transaction on the EcoCash system.
Q What happens if the Econet network is down?
A You will not be able to send and receive messages if the network is down, however should the network come up normal services will resume. 
Q What happens when I lose my EcoCash SIM?
A Please note that if you lose your SIM card you do not lose your EcoCash account or account credit. You are required to call the EcoCash help line 114 to have your account suspended immediately. After that you can proceed to the nearest Econet shop to get a SIM replacement after positive identification by an Econet representative.
Q I am not receiving SMS confirmation for the transactions I have done

This could be as a result of the following:

•Your inbox is full, so delete some messages

•You have diverted messages to screened messages, check the Screened Messages Inbox. If the messages are there, remove EcoCash from the Screened numbers list.

If none of the above works, contact EcoCash Customer Care help line on 114 for more assistance.

Q What are the charges? Is it cheaper than a bank account?
A It is cheaper to operate than a bank account because you are not charged monthly service fee but charged as per transaction. Get a copy of the charges at any EcoCash Agent nearest to you
Q Are there any restrictions on my EcoCash Account?

Yes there are tariffs and limits.

Q What can you do with the EcoCash Debit Card?

EcoCash Debit

Q What can you do with EcoCashSave?


Q What can you do with the EcoCash Diaspora?

Ecocash Diaspora