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COVID-19 is real and it’s still in the air

With each cough, the droplets produced can travel up to 3.7 metres. Wearing a mask will help keep not just yourself, but your loved ones and the nation safe from the virus.

Here are a few tips on how to use your mask effectively.

  1. Wear your mask properly - Fully cover your nose and mouth, not your mouth and chin only. Do not wear a loose mask.

  2. Wear it right, don’t share it - Sharing your mask helps spread the virus.

  3. Practise good hygiene - Remember to wash your hands when you take off your mask, but do not take it off simply because you are tired of wearing it.

  4.  Mask up as you give care at home - If you are a home-based caregiver both you & the person you are looking after need to wear masks to help reduce chances of spreading COVID-19.

  5. Don’t fiddle with your mask - Avoid touching your mask or putting it to the side in order to talk on the phone.

  6. A clean mask is a healthy mask - If you are using a cloth mask, make sure you wash the mask in soap and detergent as soon as you take it off.

  7. Keep your mask up always - Placing your mask on your chin or neck is unhygienic and will get the mask infected with the virus or other pathogens, which will, in turn, get your mouth and nose infected when you put it back on. It’s better to take the mask off completely when you need to eat, drink or perform any activity that requires you to remove your mask.

  8. Don’t forget the little ones - Kids may find masks uncomfortable but masks are vital in helping prevent COVID-19 infections.