Peace of Mind Always know where your vehicle is

Connect across borders Monitor your vehicles throughout Africa

Increase efficiency & profits Receive intensive customised reports

Increase efficiency & profits Receive intensive customised reports

Do you want to be connected to your vehicle anytime from anywhere?

Imagine a vehicle that synchronises your personal life or business so well that, for all intents and purposes it is an extension of yourself. Econet ConnectedCar is a new way to manage personal and business vehicles. The Econet ConnectedCar gives you the power to manage and maintain your vehicle right from your tablet, smartphone, any web portal or through the Econet ConnectedCar responsive website. Econet ConnectedCar offers Fleet Management Service, Personal Vehicle Management, Roadside Assistance and Vehicle Recovery. Learn more

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Monitor the location and movements of your vehicles. In addition to location data, you'll know when your vehicle is switched on and switched off, as well as it's idling status, location and speed. Econet ConnectedCar gives you complete, up-to-the-minute knowledge of your vehicles activities within Zimbabwe and across Africa. Read more


Stay up-to-date on your vehicles while they are on the road. Receive real time information on your smartphone, tablet, or any web portal. Get notifications and reports from your vehicles while they are in transit. Be the first to know if a problem arises, and be quickly alerted of any emergencies on the road. Read more

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