The values we hold in common are:


We are a company committed to finding the best way forward, in a fast moving and highly competitive technological field. To remain at the top, we shall relentlessly pursue innovative solutions, and constantly grow our knowledge base with uncompromising passion for excellence.


In everything we do, both within Econet Wireless and in the community, we always work in a customer-oriented and objective manner with clearly defined goals in terms of quality of service. In all our professional areas, and at all levels, we will carry out our duties skillfully and diligently.


Internally, we will always remember that we are a company made up of individuals. These people are the company. Each one is an intrinsically valuable member of the organization, irrespective of their gender, race or position. We will always show concern for each other in an atmosphere that is open and stimulates personal development and job satisfaction and a sense of responsibility. We believe in working in teams, in effective and confident co-operation, in environments where honest praise, constructive criticisms and fair reward have their place.