Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Econet In The Community

Econet In The Community Econet believes its future depends on the sustainable development of our communities. We remain firm in our belief that a company’s success cannot be measured on financial performance alone. We believe the true measure of a successful company is its ability to positively transform its communities.

Every business has a responsibility beyond its basic responsibility to its shareholders; it is a responsibility to the people of the communities in which it serves. As a pioneering Company, we are moving beyond corporate social responsibility to social innovation. Econet believes that technology that does not transform lives is irrelevant.

We must provide a service that contributes meaningfully to the improvement of the lives of members of the communities that we serve. Our social role is therefore constantly being reviewed in order to remain relevant to our communities.

Our involvement in the community is through the following programmes:

The Zimbabwe National Health Care Trust

The Zimbabwe National Health Care TrustIn 2008, our social responsibility role took on a more direct and urgent role. Under our health and welfare programme, Econet provided financial and logistical support to teams of dedicated health workers that were involved in fighting the cholera epidemic that affected the country in 2008. We employed our wide airtime distribution network to spread awareness by printing anti-cholera messages on our recharge cards.

Our involvement in fighting the cholera crisis opened our eyes to the urgent need to make our intervention in health care more focused. Econet therefore established the Zimbabwe Health Care Trust in December 2008. The Trust’s immediate task was in the procurement of essential medicines and equipment needed for delivery of basic healthcare services, and in the provision of key support in the areas of communication.

Today, beyond only responding to crises, the Trust implements a more proactive and sustained strategy for the rehabilitation and long-term maintenance of Zimbabwe’s health sector. The Trust seeks to build and maintain capacity within the health sector, through training and reequipping our institutions.

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Joshua Nkomo Scholarship Fund

JOSHUA NKOMO SCHOLARSHIP FUND The Fund is a Pan African Scholarship in honour of one of our country's founding fathers, Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo. Each year, the scholarship sponsors hundreds of the country's brightest high school and tertiary students, irrespective of social standing or race.

The JNSF, which was launched in 2005, and issued its first scholarships in 2006, is administered through a registered independent trust that is governed by a board of trustees who are independent of Econet and its Management. Administratively, the JNSF is run by a general manager appointed by the trustees. Each year, the fund awards hundreds of scholarships to high school and college students who will be expected to have a strong community spirit and maintain the highest academic as well as personal/moral standards in their community.

Apart from providing tuition, a significant part of the programme involves the grooming of beneficiaries into leaders. The Joshua Nkomo Scholarship Fund continues with its valuable work in the provision of funding to the nation’s most gifted students.

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Capernaum Trust

 The Capernaum TrustThe Capernaum Trust was established in 1996 to transform the lives of orphaned children in economically disadvantaged situations. The Trust continued its work to offer hope and inspiration to orphaned children. In the face of greater demand for welfare intervention, the Trust’s work continued in the provision of scholarships, food packs and life skills training to thousands of orphans nationwide.

Our involvement goes beyond the provision of material support, as the trust runs a deliberate and planned programme designed to empower beneficiaries with life skills and activities designed to restore their self-esteem and groom them into inspired leaders.

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HIV and AIDS Policy

HIV/AIDS POLICYEconet is convinced that HIV and AIDS have the potential to waste valuable trained human resources and reduce productivity. We continue to recognise the huge impact of HIV and AIDS on the wellbeing of our employees. This includes their welfare outside the workplace, where staff faces the burden of committing effort and resources to care and provide for family members. Policies and structures therefore continue to be followed to address this concern.

Econet Wireless continues to provide anti-retroviral drugs for the infected employee and other members of their immediate family. Through the Live 2 Love programme, the Company continued to encourage open dialogue among staff on HIV/AIDS. By encouraging open debate on HIV and AIDS, we help remove the stigma attached to HIV and AIDS and increase access to critical information on the pandemic.

Christian Community Partnership Trust - CCPT

Christian Comminity Partnership Trust - CCPTThis is a partnership between Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Private Limited , Kingdom Financial Holdings Private Limited and Renaissance Merchant Bank.

It's key organizational objectives include providing grants, capacity building facilities and training materials to any church based, charitable and civil society organization or institution whose object is evangelism, church planting and effective discipleship in the least evangelized rural areas of Zimbabwe.

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